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About Us

About Us

Otties takes pride in the family farm.

Beginning here in the iconic East Kent Downs, three generations have worked the land at Ottinge since the turn of last century. These rolling green hills make for perfect dairy country and so the cows arrived in the 1920’s to graze our pastures. Nine decades later and the herd continues to thrive, now under Jerry’s stewardship. The course hasn’t been easy over all these years, but as you might imagine we’ve come to know just a thing or two about milk.

We’re proud of our dairy traditions that are defined by a deep respect for the land, and the utmost care for our animals. It’s an honest hard-working lifestyle that demands out-and-out dedication to the Farm. But in return, we enjoy enormous pride in the welfare of our cows, the first class quality of their milk, and of course the opportunity to sustain our beautiful countryside for future generations to enjoy.

And Otties is simply an extension of the same idea –building on that pride of traditional dairying by making great yoghurt on the farm – from our own fresh milk – the traditional way.

It’s our ambition to deliver a sense of this simple goodness to your table. We hope you enjoy the taste of Otties.